Why Murva?

It exudes determination and strength with its roots in the earth. It is the origin, the foundation, and in this sense clearly illustrates my return back to where everything starts. The tree is protection, and at the same time, freedom; the opportunity for reflection into the unknown and a return anew. A new beginning.

This deciduous mulberry tree closely connects me to my roots, but also to my personality. It evokes memories. Its presence through the centuries in the Mediterranean area, and so my birthplace in the Dalmatian Zagora, makes it tame, so familiar. This is probably why it does not attract any particular attention, this tree, unobtrusive and modest. And its massive, compact and masculine trunk bears disproportionately thin, slender branches. It is like this connection is mirroring the power of a man and the tenderness of a woman. And it is this interweaving of presence and modesty, strength and sensitivity, which refers to me and my work.

Murva speaks of how I think and live. Murva is a reflection of my faith in naturalness, the origin of things and life. I see beauty in simplicity, irregularities, raw reality. My woman is natural-looking, real, and intense in her persistence; as strong as she is fragile, a dreamer as much as a realist. She walks the earth with ease and comfort, playful and free. However, in spite of curiosity, a certain modesty is present, which is expressed through her need for intimacy.

I believe that her beauty lies in her innocence and elimination of excess. This game of “hide-and-reveal”, through which the aforementioned modesty is reflected, is greatly present in my creations and is manifested through minimalism, asymmetric patterns, the addition of the cape and the use of natural, matte materials. The quality of materials of ecological origin is what leads me when choosing colors, mostly earthly tones. Using asymmetry and geometric shapes further underlines the effect of playfulness, freedom and unpredictability. In addition, volumizing shapes is also present in my works, which indicates my strive for structure. In this sense, the link between sculpting and fashion design is very clear. My fascination with stone carving art and shades that can be achieved through it, is in line with my fascination with the mulberry tree, its mastering of space and the power it emanates.